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BOPP Packing Tape Packaging Transparent Single Sided For Carton Sealing

Short Description:

BOPP tape is a thin and strong adhesive tape that is commonly used for sealing cartons, packaging, and transporting goods. It is made with a backing material called BOPP film, which is coated with a water-based adhesive made of acrylic. The BOPP film is highly durable and resistant to tearing, ensuring that the tape doesn’t easily get damaged during the packaging process. This type of tape is widely used in various industries, especially with automatic carton packing machines.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features 

*Made from 100% raw materials.
*Smooth and waterproof surface.
*Pressure-sensitive adhesive.
*Excellent viscosity and tensile strength.
*Strong tension force.
*Waterproof and resistant to punctures.

Product Technical Data

Item BOPP Packing tape
Material BOPP
Adhesive Acrylic
Length 25m~500m/Custom
Thickness 37mic~62mic/Custom
Colour Custom/Brown/Yellow/Clear
Logo Offer Printing
Feature Waterproof, Low noise, Easy tear, Super clear
Application Home use/Carton Sealing/For office/Advertising

Product Application 

Our products are widely used in packaging, such as transportation, daily consumption, electronic area, construction, furniture, stationery, printing, medicine, new energy, mobile communications and etc.

*Box sealing
*Parcel shipping
*Moving and relocation
*Packaging for online sellers
*Arts and crafts
*Gift wrapping

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