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Reflective Tape Safety Warning Caution Signs For Truck Trailer

Short Description:

Reflective tape is usually made with a base material like polyester or vinyl, which has a layer of special material on its surface that reflects light back to its source. Its purpose is to make objects more visible in dark or hard-to-see conditions. Reflective tape comes in various colors like yellow, white, red, and blue, and it is widely used in traffic signs, vehicles, industrial equipment, and personal protective gear.

Product Detail

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Product Features 

*Affordable high-quality option
*Highly visible up to 200 meters
*Variety of colors available
*Suitable for surfaces like metal, nylon, plastic, and cotton

Product Technical Data

reflective tape datasheet(3)

Product Display 

reflective adhesive tape display1

Product Application 

*Road safety: Vehicles, signs, and cones.
*Outdoor activities: Gear for runners, cyclists, and hikers.
*Construction sites: Worker vests and equipment.
*Home safety: Gates, fences, and mailboxes.
*Pet accessories: Pet collars and leashes.

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