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Kinesiology Tape Muscle Tape Elastic Cotton Athletic Tape

Short Description:

Kinesiology tapes are made of non-linear elastic fabric with acrylic adhesive coated on one side. They are flexible and elastic adhesive tapes used for therapeutic purposes. Applied directly to the skin, they provide support, reduce pain, and improve muscle function. The tape’s unique elasticity mimics the skin’s flexibility, allowing for a full range of motion while still offering gentle support to the muscles and joints. Commonly used by athletes, physical therapists, and individuals recovering from injuries, they aid in rehabilitation and enhance performance

Product Detail

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Product  Features

1. High elasticity

2. Good breathability

3. Water-resistant

4. Long-lasting

5. Decompression

Product Basic Specifications

Product name Kinesiology Tape
Width 5cm (2") or customized
Length 5m(16.4ft) or customized
Fabric 95% Cotton +5% Spandex
Adhesive Acrylic 
Adhesive Strength 5N or custom
Elasticity Stretch to 170%-180%
Colors Skin / Pink / Blue / Black or Custom
Logo OEM acceptable
Free Samples Available
Capacity 8k per day

Product Application

* Treating injuries

* Supporting weak areas

* Muscle re-education

* Enhancing performance

* Scar management

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