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Anti Scratch Cat Training Tape Scratch Deterrent Tape

Short Description:

The anti-cat scratch tape typically comprises a flexible base material, such as polyester film, with an adhesive layer on one side for furniture attachment. It also includes a scratch-resistant layer, deterring cats from scratching by creating an uncomfortable surface.
When applied to sofa armrests, table legs, or door frames, the anti-cat scratch tape creates a barrier that deters cat scratching. Its texture or stickiness prompts cats to switch to scratching posts or mats. Versatile, residue-free, and applicable to surfaces like fabric, wood, and upholstery, it offers a humane solution for cat scratches. Pet owners appreciate its convenience and effectiveness, as it promotes positive scratching habits while safeguarding furniture.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features 

1. Scratch Resistance

2. Easy Removal

3. Strong Adhesion

4. 100% transparent

5. Non-Toxic

Product Basic Specifications

Item Name Anti Cat Stratch Tape
Color 100% transparent
Type Double Sided Tape
Backing PET
Width 10mm/20mm/50mm/1020mm/1240mm 0ther Size
Length 50m Custom can be available
Application temperature -20℃~80℃
Range scene Sofa ,Furniture, Door Protector Guard

Product Application 

The application scenarios of anti-cat scratch tape include:

Furniture Protection: Furniture surfaces such as sofas, chairs, and tables are often targeted by cats for scratching. Applying anti-cat scratch tape can reduce the likelihood of furniture surfaces being scratched and damaged, thus maintaining the aesthetic appeal and durability of the furniture.

Wall Protection: Some cats enjoy scratching on walls, leading to surface scratches. Applying anti-cat scratch tape on walls can protect the surface from damage caused by cat scratching.

Carpet Protection: Some cats prefer scratching on carpets, causing damage to carpet fibers. Using anti-cat scratch tape on carpets can reduce this damage and extend the lifespan of the carpet.

Other Surface Protection: Besides furniture, walls, and carpets, anti-cat scratch tape can also be used on other surfaces such as door frames, window sills, etc., to prevent damage caused by cats.

Overall, anti-cat scratch tape is highly practical in scenarios where protection of household items from cat scratching is needed. It helps maintain the aesthetic appeal and durability of household items while also improving the quality of life for cats by providing appropriate scratching areas.

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