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Greenhouse Repairing Tape Poly Patching Tape for Covering

Short Description:

Greenhouse Repair Tape is a single-sided polyethylene (PE) film coated with a transparent acrylic adhesive. Its primary application is for sealing, splicing, and repairing grow tunnel polyethylene films and sheets. Unlike other tapes, it offers three decisive advantages: immediate adhesion to polymer film for reliable sealing of perforations, weatherproof properties once applied, and resilience against rain and sunlight exposure without losing its bond or transparency. This product can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, featuring UV stabilization for longer holding power.

Product Detail

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Product Features 

1) UV and Weather Resistant

2) High Adhesion and Cohesion

3) Aggressive Adhesion to Films

4) Conformability to Irregular Surfaces

5) Withstands Extended Exposure to the Elements

6) Available without or with a white poly coated release liner

Product Basic Specifications

Carrier Polyethylene
Adhesive Acrylic
Color Clear/Blue
Adhesion to Steel (oz/inch of width) 36 oz/inch
Tensile Strength (lbs/inch of width) 11 lbs/inch
Elongation (at break) 340%
Thickness (mil) 6 mil
Temperature Application Range 50F~120°F
Temperature Operating Range -40°F~190F

Product Application 

Film-covered greenhouses have become popular due to their cost-effectiveness compared to glass or plastic sheet greenhouses. However, they lack stability and can easily be damaged by nearby objects. For this reason, the introduction of the Greenhouse Repairing Tape will make a big difference. When a greenhouse's plastic film gets damaged, heat can escape, and pests or water can harm plants, reducing yield. Usually, adhesive tape is used for quick fixes. But with the Greenhouse Repairing Tape, repairs are faster and more effective, helping plants grow better.

Various application scenarios:

1. Greenhouse Patching and Seaming on Films

2. Splicing, Seaming and Sealing-Coated or Uncoated Surfaces

3. Surface Protection and Temporary Hold Down

4. Sand Blasting Stencil Mask

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