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Fluorin Fluoride Release Liner Fluorosilicone Rlease Film for Silicone Adhesive Tape

Short Description:

Fluorosilicone release liner is PET films coated with silicone fluorosilicone release agent, providing middle and stable release force in conjunction with silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and maintaining good subsequent adhesion strength. In addition, we also provide fluorosilicone release liner with ultra-light release force to 2~3 gram. This silicone release liner series have been successfully applied to various kinds of Silicone Tapes when punch and die cutting.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features 

* Scuff & Rub Resistant
* Good heat Resistance
* Excellent Adhesion
* High tensile and tear
* High temperature and solvent resistance
* Spectral Coloring
* Excellent quality
* Moisture Proof
* Flexible

Product Technical Data

Thickness 12 um to 188um
Width 30 mm to2500 mm
Inner Core Diameter 3 inch or 6 inch
Transparency 92%
Glossiness 85%to 90%
Heat Shrinkage Rate(150C,30 minutes) 0to 1.5%
Elongation 120%to 140%
Tensile Strength 230 to 240 MPa
Peel Strength(30cm/min,180) 16 g/inch
SAS 92%
Release Force 1~45g/25mm

Product Application 

* Silicone adhesive tape release liner.
* Medical tape release liner.
* Used in die cutting process.
* Transfer printing backing material.

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