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Colorful PET Film Mara Tape Mylar Tape High Temperature Insulated For Transformer

Short Description:

With a polyester film as its base, polyester Mylar tape is coated with a flame retardant acrylic adhesive. It includes the colors black, green, red, white, blue, light yellow, dark yellow, pink, and clear. This tape exhibits great performance in terms of flame resistance and resistance to chemical solvents. It is mostly applied for the insulation wrapping of transformers, motors, capacitors, and other electronic parts.

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Features of Mylar Tape

*Good holding power

*Chemical resistance

*Solvent Resistance

*Flame Retardant

*Remove cleanly without residue

Technical Data of Mylar Tape

Carrier Polyester film
Adhesive Coated with acrylic adhesive
Description Test result Unit
Total thickness 50±2 mic
Carrier thickness 25 mic
Adhesive thickness 25 mic
Tension Strength 3 KN/M
Elongation at break 45 %
Peel adhesion 300 N/25mm
Breakdown voltage 4.2 KV
Coefficient of heat-resistant -10~+130

Application of Mylar Tape

Mylar tape is widely used for insulation wrapping in electronics, wire and cable insulation, electronic assembly protection, PCB manufacturing, textiles, aerospace, and arts and crafts. Its exceptional insulation properties, strength, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and chemicals make it a versatile choice for various applications.

*Motor electrical appliances


*Wire insulation

*Circuit board



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