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Aluminum Foil Tape

Short Description:

Aluminum Foil Tape is a versatile adhesive tape made from a thin layer of aluminum foil coated with a strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive. It provides excellent thermal conductivity, making it ideal for applications requiring heat reflection and dissipation. The tape is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation, ensuring durability in harsh environments. Common uses include sealing and joining ductwork, insulating and protecting pipes, and repairing metal surfaces. Its reflective surface also makes it effective for light and heat shielding. Aluminum Foil Tape is easy to apply and conforms well to irregular surfaces, making it a reliable solution for both industrial and household applications.

Product Detail

Product Tags

*Excellent conductivity
*High oxidation resistance
*Good conductivity and shielding effectiveness
*Flexibility and malleability
*Temperature resistance
*Corrosion resistance


Thickness (mm) 0.026~0.125mm
Adhesive Arcylic
Backing Aluminum foil
Color Silver
Heat Resistance(°C) -20~ 120


1. Electronics: Used for conductive connections, packaging, and shielding in devices like chips and circuit boards.
2. Communication: Employed in high-frequency circuits, antennas, and microwave equipment for shielding and reducing interference.
3. Medical: Applied in devices such as electrocardiographs and sensors for conductive connections and shielding.
4. Aerospace and Defense: Utilized in aerospace electronics and missile systems for shielding and anti-static measures.
5. Automotive: Used in electronic systems for conductive connections, shielding, and anti-static purposes.
6. Solar Energy: Applied in solar cell modules for conductive connections and reflective layers.

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