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3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 467 468MP

Short Description:

3M 467MP is a high-performance adhesive transfer tape designed for precision bonding on smooth surfaces. With a thickness of 0.05 mm, it is ideal for attaching metal nameplates, plastic parts, and other components. The tape offers excellent resistance to high temperatures, solvents, and moisture, ensuring durable and reliable bonds even in harsh environments. Its high-performance acrylic adhesive guarantees strong adhesion, making it perfect for applications that require precision and longevity. 3M 467MP is widely used in industrial settings for its dependable performance and thin profile.

Product Detail

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Product  Features

*High-performance acrylic adhesive.
*Excellent resistance to high temperatures, solvents, and moisture.
*0.05 mm thickness for smooth surface applications.
*Strong and durable bonds.
*Easy handling and application.
*Reliable performance in harsh environments.

Product Basic Properties

Adhesive: 200MP Acrylic
Liner appearance: Brown paper with green 3M 467MP
Liner Thickness: 0.107mm
Tape Colour: Clear
Adhesive Thickness: 0.051mm
Adhesion to steel: 84 N/100mm
Temperature Resistance Min/Hours:
Temperature Resistance Days/Weeks:
UV Resistance: Excellent
Plasticiser resistance: Fair
Solvent Resistance: Excellent

Product Application

3M 467MP is commonly used in various industries for:

*Bonding nameplates, logos, and trim pieces.
*Securing overlays and graphic panels.
*Laminating flexible circuits.
*Mounting heat sinks and thermal components.
*Precise assembly of small parts.

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