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In the post-processing process of tape production, the control precision of the processing process plays a key role in the quality of the final product, such as the tension control of the rewinding, the accuracy of the cutting tool and the condition of the knife edge.

Aerchs now has a number of professional production lines and a number of new rewinding, cutting, slitter equipment, while working with the professional team of Aerchs engineers to help our customers develop the best tape solutions.


Coating process refers to the process of evenly coating the coating on the film or paper, and drying and curing it. Coating process is the core link in the adhesive tape industry, which has a great impact on product performance and quality.


Laminating is a technique for layering various functional polymer films by using adhesives or binders, such as adding pressure-sensitive adhesives to substrates such as sponges, foams, rubber or films.



The rewinding machine is to unroll paper, plastic film, aluminum foil or other large roll materials into small rolls of different widths, and the slitting machine is to cut and slitting the coil in the subsequent process.


Die cutting machine is the use of steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or steel plate carved into the template), through the press plate to apply a certain pressure, the printing or cardboard rolling cut into a certain shape. Simply put, raw materials are processed into different shapes by machines.


Laser cutting is to illuminate the laser beam to the surface of the material, at this time the released energy will make it melt and evaporate, in order to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Water jet cutting is the use of pressurizing devices to produce high pressure water (350Mpa or higher) accompanied by abrasive or not accompanied by the use of its powerful kinetic energy for cutting.

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