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Industries We Serve



We specialize in providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative tape solutions that are widely used across multiple industries. Whether it’s industrial manufacturing, construction, electronics, or medical equipment, our products meet your needs, enhancing efficiency and product quality.

1. Manufacturing

Applications Product assembly, packaging, sealing, and fixing.
Product Features High adhesion, high temperature resistance, tensile strength.
Example Products Industrial tape, packaging tape, double-sided tape.

2. Construction

Applications Fixing, protection, marking, and sealing.
Product Features Weather resistance, long-lasting adhesion, waterproof.
Example Products Waterproof tape, marking tape, insulation tape.

3. Electronics

Applications Fixing, insulation, and protection of electronic components.
Product Features Excellent insulation, voltage resistance, heat resistance.
Example Products Insulation tape, conductive tape, shielding tape.

 4. Automotive

Applications Car body protection, wire harnessing, and interior decoration.
Product Features High temperature resistance, wear resistance, UV resistance.
Example Products Automotive double-sided tape, protective film, decorative tape.

 5. Medical

Applications Fixing, marking, and packaging of medical equipment.
Product Features  Non-toxic, compliant with medical standards, reliable adhesion.
Example Products Medical tape, marking tape, packaging tape.

6. Logistics and Transportation

Applications Packaging, sealing, and labeling.
Product Features High adhesion, waterproof, wear resistance.
Example Products Sealing tape, labeling tape, protective tape.

7. Aerospace

Applications Fixing, protection, and sealing of aircraft components.
Product Features Lightweight, high strength, high temperature resistance.
Example Products Aerospace tape, protective tape, shielding tape.
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