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PET Blue Refrigerator Tape For Fixing

Short Description:

PET blue refrigerator tape is coated with acrylic or silicone adhesive on polyester film, ensuring easy tear-off, residue-free removal, and excellent high-temperature resistance. Primarily used for fixing and sealing plastic home appliances, it’s also suitable for temporary fixing of refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, computers, printers, and other electronic products. Additionally, it serves for finishing and surface fixing of electronic products.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product  Features

1. Water and oil resistant

2. Strong adhesion

3. No glue residue

4. Stretch resistance

5. Easy to peel

Product Basic Specifications

Adhesive Blue color acrylic adhesive
Carrier PET film
Color Blue
Backing thickness 52±2mic
Carriar thickness 28mic
Rolling ball tack ≤4cm
Peel adhesion at 180° ≥3N/25mm
Tensile strength ≥130Mpa
Holding power >20hrs
Temperature resistance 80°C/4h no residue glue on plastic surface

Product Application

*Durable Fixing

*Temporary Repairs

*Assembly Aid

*Packaging Protection

*Office and Workplace Use

*Automotive Applications

*Arts and Crafts

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