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Non-Silicone Coated Release Liner For Flexible Printed Circuit Industry

Short Description:

The non-silicon release film is made of color PET as the substrate and coated with non-silicon release agent. Since the release material does not contain silicon, the release requirements of FPC (silicon sensitive industry) are solved. Non-silicon release film is easy to peel off, peeling uniform, no impact on the bonding material, high adhesion, no residue, no pollution. Especially suitable for die-cutting industry, adhesive industry, flexible circuit board industry.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features 

1. Stable release force

2. High temperature resistance

3. Non-toxic and tasteless

4. Systolic stability

5. Corrosion resistance

6. Good moisture resistance

Product Technical Data

Thickness 12 um to 188um
Width 30 mm to 2500 mm
Inner Core Diameter 3 inch or 6 inch
Transparency 92%
Glossiness 85%to 90%
Heat Shrinkage Rate(150°C,30minutes) 0to 1.5%
Elongation 120%to 140%
Tensile Strength 230 to 240 MPa
Peel Strength(30cm/min,180) 16g/inch
SAS 92%

Product Application Industry


*Advertising consumables

*Adhesive Tape

*New material composite

*Household appliances

*Industrial materials

*Medical and health


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