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Nomex 410 Insulating Paper Tape Die Cutting For Transformer Motor

Short Description:

This tape is based on Nomex paper insulation paper as the base material, single-side coated flame retardant high performance pressure sensitive adhesive flame retardant, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent electronic insulation performance and other characteristics, excellent comprehensive performance. Suitable for transformer, high temperature electronic equipment, digital electronics, coil dressing and motor and other high temperature special environment applications, with strong tension, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation, good fire resistance and other characteristics.

Product Detail

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Product Features 

*Exceptional thermal stability

*Outstanding mechanical toughness

*Inherent dielectric strength

*Broad chemical compatibility

*Excellent flame resistance

Nomex 410 Insulating Paper Tape view

Product Technical Data

Nomex 410 Insulating Paper Tape technical data

Product Display 

Nomex 410 Insulating Paper Tape display

Product Application 

It is widely used in a majority of electrical equipment applications and almost every known sheet insulation application.

*coil wrapping

*covering of motor stator coil

*wrapping of transformer coil

*Engine and motors industry insulation

*Elecrical & Electronic industry like Transformer, Controller,Frequency converter

*Wire&Cable industry insulation

*Automotive manufacturing industry

Nomex 410 Insulating Paper Tape application

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