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DMD Composite Insulating paper For Motor

Short Description:

This product is a three-layer flexible composite insulation paper made of high melting-point polyester film and excellent hot-rolling polyester non-woven fabric. Each side of the polyester film (M) is bonded by one layer of polyester non-woven fabric (D) with F-grade or B-grade adhesive. And it has excellent thermal resistance,electrical,mechanical and impregnated properties. It is widely used for slot and gasket insulation of motor, and layer insulation of transformer.

Product Detail

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Product Features 

*Super dielectric property

*Reliable heat resistance

*High mechanical strength

*Good impregnating performance

Product Technical Data

DMD composite insulation paper technical data

Product Application 

It is used for motors, generators and electric appliances in the slot insulation, liner insulation and turn to turn insulation.
DMD is typically used on low and medium voltage electric machines. Specific applications include:
—Slot liner for electric motors.
—Phase insulation.
—Interlayer insulation material for transformers

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