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Flame-retardant ITW FORMEX GK Series Electrical Insulation Material

Short Description:

Our Formex GK Series consists of flame retardant polypropylene electrical insulation materials. It includes GK-5, GK-10, GK-17, GK-30, GK-40, and GK-62, with thicknesses ranging from 0.127mm (0.005″) to 1.57mm (0.062″). These materials are widely used and highly popular within the ITW Formex Family. To safeguard delicate electronic components from dielectric or environmental damage, it provides excellent dielectric strength, high temperature tolerance, and exceptional moisture and chemical resistance. Our GK Series is offered in both sheet sizes and rolls. As a skilled converter, we have the expertise to resize the GK material by rewinding and slitting it, followed by lamination with 3M adhesives. We can also die cut it into custom shapes and sizes as per specific requests. This allows for cost reduction in fabrication, warehousing, and shipping for our valued customers.

Product Detail

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Product Features 

*Flammability Rating UL 94 VTM-0

*H20 absorption <0.06%

*Temperature Rating 115°C / 239°F

*Dielectric strength 2,200 Volts/mil @ 0.005"

*UL Recognized File E121855

Product Basic Specification

ITW Formax GK series specification

Product Application 

The ITW Formex GK Series serves as a protective physical barrier, safeguarding both general users and service workers from potential hazards associated with electrically charged components. Moreover, it finds extensive application in diverse areas such as EV battery packs, power supplies, transformers, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics industry, among others.

*Power supplies, transformers, and inverters

*Electric vehicle battery packs and charging equipment

*Servers and data storage system

*Telecommunications equipment


*UPS and surge protectors

*Medical Devices

*HVAC Equipment and Appliances

*EMI Shielding Laminates

ITW Formax GK series application

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