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Optical Eyeglasses Edging Pads Anti Slip Blocking Pads For Auto Lens Processing 1000Pads/Roll

Short Description:

• Torque (slip) resistant.

• Prevent slippage when polishing for lens edgers.

• Each unit can be used for 3-5 times.

• 1Roll of Lens Blocking Pads(1000 Pieces).

• Conformable for all types of lens styles and base curves: low edge lifting.

• Adheres to various eyeglass lens materials

• Finished good for Ophthalmic Industry.

• For use during edging or finishing of ophthalmic lenses.

Product Detail

Product Tags

blocking pads for lens edging

Product Overview

Blocking pads are accessories used in optical laboratories and eyewear stores for lens edge processing. They are made of soft and durable material, typically foam, and are fixed to the front surface of the lens using adhesive or suction mechanisms.

The purpose of blocking pads is to provide stable support and prevent lens movement during the processing. They also help protect the lens from scratches and damage.

Blocking pads come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different lens designs and dimensions. They are essential tools for achieving precise and high-quality lens processing.


Product name Lens blocking pads
Bonding Surface Two sides
Usage Prevent slippage when polishing for lens edgers
Material Foam
Color Transparent, blue, red, white or customized
Product size Customized
Thickness 0.75mm
Packing 1000Pads/Roll

How To Use Blocking Pads

use steps for lens pads

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