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Custom Printing Caution Tape Safety Barrier Tape

Short Description:

These high-visibility, non-adhesive barricade tapes are perfect for temporarily cordoning off hazardous or dangerous areas, and are suitable for marking accident scenes and other sensitive areas.It is made of durable PE material that is resistant to water, oils, and chemicals, ensuring longevity and reliability in various environments.With its bright colors and bold text, it effectively enhances safety awareness in construction sites, factories, and public areas. It can be used for Safety warning, traffic warning, road signs, emergency isolation, construction guardrail, smog site isolation, other special occasions isolation, Halloween decoration, theme birthday decoration, etc..

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features 

1) High visibility, bright colours, and striking patterns.

2) Durable, weather-resistant material that may be used both inside and outside.

3) For long-lasting performance that is tear-resistant. Simple installation requiring no additional tools.

4) Options for customizing messages, patterns, and colours.

5) Warning messages are printed on danger tape.

6) Reasonable and cost-efficient replacement for permanent barriers.

7) Design without glue allows for simple removal and repositioning.

Product Basic Specification

Adhesive No glue
Backing PE film
Printing Printing words
Single Color Red / yellow / green/ orange / blue, etc
Double Color Red + white, yellow + black, green + white, etc
Jumbo Roll Size 1050mm x500m
Cut Roll Size 50mm/70mmx200m
Customized Size Offer
Max Exten 58.401N
Total Thickness 50mic
Max Force 400.293mm
Elongation 1601.17%

Product Application 

The Warning Tape is a highly visible safety tape designed to alert and caution individuals of potential hazards. 

1) Safety alerts, traffic alerts, road signs;

2) Construction guard rails;

3) Crime scene segregation;

4) Emergency isolation;

5) Floor marking

6) Marking equipment pinch points

7) Temporary floor marking around spills

8) Walls and pipes.

9) Quarantine for other special occasions, etc.

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