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3M 9485PC Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Sided Acrylic Adhesive Without Substrate

Short Description:

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9485PC is a high-performance acrylic adhesive on a polycoated kraft paper liner. It offers excellent bonding capabilities for smooth, thin materials with low residual stress, such as plastics and foams. This tape is specifically designed for steel rule die-cutting and complies with UL specifications. It features high tack and shear strength, exceptional temperature and solvent resistance, and roll stability in narrow widths due to its fiber-reinforced adhesive. It can withstand short-term temperature exposure up to 232°C. Suitable for bonding a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials.

Product Detail

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Product Features 

*Exceptional adhesion on a wide range of surfaces

*Flexibility to conform to irregular and uneven surfaces

*Tearable by hand for easy application

*High tackiness ensures quick and strong initial adhesion

*Easily adaptable for die-cutting processes

*Outstanding durability, with resistance to solvents, high temperatures, and UV exposure

Product Technical Data

3m 9485pc technical data

Product Application 

3M 9485PC provides strong adhesive bonding for plastic and metal sheets, making it suitable for various applications like flexible circuit boards, membrane switches, electronic signs, rubber products, and plastic components that require structural fixation.

*Bonding high and low surface energy materials and powder coated paints

*Bonding foams to low surface energy materials (LSE) while offering elevated temperature performance

*Foam and gasket attachment

*Holding and fixturing in product assembly

*Bond thin metal panels

3m 9485pc application

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