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Rewinding / Slitting




The rewinding machine is to unroll paper, plastic film, aluminum foil or other large roll materials into small rolls of different widths, and the slitting machine is to cut and slitting the coil in the subsequent process.


Range of application:

Substrate: mica tape, paper, insulating material and film slitting

Industries: Related industries with various insulating materials, special electrical paper and film

Process: split plate, finished product inspection, finished product split, process opening


Advantages of slitting rewinding machines:

Efficient production: The rewinding scutter can cut and rewind a large number of coils quickly and accurately, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Precise cutting: The rewinding slitter adopts advanced cutting technology and control system, which can accurately control parameters such as the width, thickness and length of the coil to ensure cutting accuracy and reduce waste rate.

High degree of automation: the rewinding and cutting machine has automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic rewinding and other functions, which can achieve fully automated production, reducing the difficulty of personnel operation and safety risks.

Multi-functional application: The rewinding scuttling machine has a variety of cutting methods (marking, cutting, razor and other scuttling methods), which can be applied to different types of coil processing, such as paper, tape, aluminum foil, plastic film and so on.

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