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Laser / Water jet cutting



Laser cutting is to illuminate the laser beam to the surface of the material, at this time the released energy will make it melt and evaporate, in order to achieve the purpose of cutting.


1. Laser cutting speed is fast, short cycle. Can improve the efficiency several times to ten times, under normal circumstances only 1-3 hours to complete the programming and cutting tasks.

2. Good quality, high precision. The size error is ±0.05mm, any graphics can be processed, which for the special-shaped plate, multi-plate and a knife divided into two colors, on both sides of the molded plate, laser process accumulation error is very small, the finished product is very beautiful.

3. Good repetition. Computer program can be stored, mass production, need the same template, can be directly out of use.


Especially suitable for small and complex parts, or parts that are difficult to cut.


Water jet cutting is the use of pressurizing devices to produce high pressure water (350Mpa or higher) accompanied by abrasive or not accompanied by the use of its powerful kinetic energy for cutting.


1. Can cut any material.

2. The incision thickness can be very thick.

3. Cutting will not produce thermal deformation.

4. Will not change the texture of the material around the cutting seam


Water jet cutting is ideal for samples, thick, large, heat-resistant materials (such as silicone), and complex designs that require no error.


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