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Laminating is a technique for layering various functional polymer films by using adhesives or binders, such as adding pressure-sensitive adhesives to substrates such as sponges, foams, rubber or films.

Laminating techniques include dry laminating, wet laminating, roll-to-roll continuous laminating, and batch by-batch laminating. Aerchs has advanced technology in adhesive and binder (in-house manufacturing) material design, laminating equipment design, laminating conditions (temperature, speed, pressure, etc.) optimization.

Laminating technology makes it possible to compound a variety of different materials, performance of the protective film, to make a new function of the protective film, a variety of different performance of the protective film/tape laminating composite, weakening the respective shortcomings, the combination of advantages, can prepare a higher performance of the protective film and tape products.

In recent years, in response to the higher requirements of the laminate product market for thinness, appearance and product precision, Aerchs has developed more advanced technologies for higher-end operation.


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