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Industry Solutions




The diversity of material mix and manufacturing capabilities enables Aerchs to tailor its services to customers in a wide range of industries.

We are brave to break through, not limited by the industry and market, and strive to provide our customers with the best quality solutions. So when you choose Aerchs, you choose a global partner that values innovation and reliability.


Solution  recommended

Application Product Type
Automotive logo Acrylic reinforced tape
Rearview mirror PE foam double sided tape
door Clear double sided PET tape
Hub balance block PE foam double sided tape
A/B column High strength tissue double sided tape
Interior fixing Flame retardant tissue double sided tape
Air conditioning outlet shock proof Flame retardant tissue double sided tape
Steering wheel fixation Double sided tape without substrate
Screen saver PU protective film
Air conditioning duct Flame retardant tissue double sided tape
Engine heat shield Flame retardant tisssue double sided tape
Battery cover isolation pad PE foam double sided tape


Automotive Bonding Solulation (02)
3C Digital Bonding solution(03)

3C Digital

Solution  recommended:

Application Product Type
Screen optical adhesive OCA optical adhesive
Backside buffer Waterproof foam adhesive
PU foam
Screen saver Peep-proof film
Motherboard heat dissipation Graphite sheet
Horn fastening Cotton paper double sided tape
Graphite sheet fixation PET double sided tape
Motherboard shielding heat dissipation Graphene copper foil tape
Double guide copper foil tape
Camera buffer fixation Waterproof foam adhesive
Nameplate fixation PET double sided tape
Battery fixation PET double sided tape
FPC fixation No substrate double sided tape
Border protection PET double sided tape
The handset is waterproof and fixed Waterproof foam adhesive


Solution  recommended:

Application Product Type 
Display bonding Tissue double sided tape
Evaporator bonding Tissue double sided tape
Decorative strip bonding Tissue double sided tape
Vacuum heat shield fixed PE foam double sided tape
Fixing of moving parts MOPP tape
Nameplate bonding Tissue double sided tape
Appliance Bonding vsolution-Aerchs(04)

New Energy Battery

Solution recommended:

Application  Product Type
Nameplate bonding Tissue double sided tape
Frame buffer PU foam
Battery pack cover Silicone foam
Battery pack seal Waterproof foam adhesive
Cell termination Stop tape
Cell pole Pole tape
Cell appearance protection BOPP protective film
Battery bundling Fiber tape
Parts pasting Flame retardant cotton paper double sided tape
PACK insulation PACK High temperature tape
Mylar tape
Flash hider Aerogel insulation film
Lithium diaphragm Diaphragm
Insulation between cell groups Nomex tape
Cell edge sealing with liquid injection Masking tape
Solar module packaging EVA photovoltaic film
EPE photovoltaic film
POE photovoltaic film
New Energy Battery Bonding Solution-Aerchs(05)


Solution recommended:

Application Product Type
Nameplate bonding Tissue double sided tape
Film switch PET double sided tape
Camera Waterproof foam adhesive
Bonding of the frame Waterproof foam adhesive
Screen OCA optical adhesive
Panel protection PU protective film
Speaker module Waterproof foam adhesive
Lid handle PE foam double sided tape


SMART HOME Bonding Solution-Aerchs(06)

In addition to serving the above markets of Automotive, 3C digital, Appliances, New energy batteries and Smart homes, we also cover more industries such as:

 • Medical
 • Package
 • Construction
 • Aerospace
 • Textiles & Apparel
 • Metallurgy
 • Arts and Entertainment

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