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Die cutting



Die cutting machine is the use of steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or steel plate carved into the template), through the press plate to apply a certain pressure, the printing or cardboard rolling cut into a certain shape. Simply put, raw materials are processed into different shapes by machines.

(1) Flatbed die cutting machine


A hydraulic press is used to press the mold onto the material, piercing the material and forming the desired shape.


  •With sharper and clearer cutting effect

  •Minimum material deformation

  •Reduce mold cost

  •Suitable for different gram weight or larger and thicker materials

Scope of application

Flat die cutting is suitable for a variety of materials, including fiber, paper, plastic, metal, rubber, foam, foil, etc. In contrast to rotary die cutting, plate die cutting is used to convert materials into rolls and sheets.

(2) Rotary die cutting machine


Use a cylindrical mold on a circular press. Rolls of material are unrolled and fed through a hydraulic press, which can cut shapes, make perforations or creases, and even cut the material into smaller parts.


Because the cylinder is continuously running when the die cutting machine is working, its working efficiency is the highest compared with other die cutting machines, especially suitable for mass production.

Scope of application:

Can die cut a variety of shapes of single, double-sided self-adhesive, protective film, foam, gasket, dust screen and copper aluminum foil and other products, for multi-layer composite products a molding, the effect is remarkable.

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