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Coating process refers to the process of evenly coating the coating on the film or paper, and drying and curing it. Coating process is the core link in the adhesive tape industry, which has a great impact on product performance and quality.

How to choose the right coating process?

Mainly determined by the product structure and later application, in general, we distinguish from the following points:

Substrate: the substrate physical property of the material. The influence of the material on the coating process is mainly considered from the aspects of tensile resistance, temperature resistance, thickness, surface adhesion and so on. Common substrates are plastic films (PET, PI, TPU, PE, PVC, etc.) and metal films (copper foil, aluminum foil and other special alloy films).

Coating solution: the coating solution needs to change from the curing method, viscosity, and composition (chemical solvents or ordinary solvents: such as water, alcohol, etc.)

Product structure: including but not limited to the later application of the product. The final product may be a multi-layer coating structure (requiring multiple layers of different coating fluids superimposed), at which time it is necessary to consider the compatibility between different coating fluids (whether it will react in a specific environment to affect the characteristics of the product, such as high temperature, light, or certain humidity, etc.).

Adhesive tape coating machine is widely used in all kinds of color film, release film, PE protective film, self-adhesive tape, BOPP sealing tape, kraft paper tape, double-sided tape, aluminum foil tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, PET, electrochemical aluminum stamping film, etc.


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